Open Spaces - 16th May

Join us at 20:00, 16th May at HEVRE, Meiselsa 18 Street

Want to talk about design patterns? Looking for the answer how to deliver high quality software on time? Maybe you would like to ask others what is the real value of automated tests? Or how big is big data and how to deal with it? ;-) There are many questions like these, and that is why we would like to invite you to GeeCON Open Spaces.

We have asked for help of Bruce Eckel himself! Bruce have led and participated in many unconference-style events and he will lead the GeeCON Open Spaces. If you want to know more about unconferences, watch his short introductory presentation.

During the 1st and 2nd day of the conference we will be gathering topics using flipcharts placed in various spots in the cinema and slack channel #openspaces (yes, we have a conference slack).

We will gather all the topics and use them to start at HEVRE. People will group around tables marked with given topic - remember about rules of Open Spaces (see the video).

We will have two sessions, to give you chance to change the topic and discuss with other people. Nevertheless if you prefer to drink beer and continue the topic with people met during the Session 1 it is more than encouraged :-)

Have fun!


Topic gathering - 15-16 May, Cinema
  • flipcharts
  • slack channel #openspaces

  • Open Spaces - 16 May, at HEVRE, bring your geecon ID

    20:00 - 20:20 Topic selection
    20:20 - 21:20 Session 1
    21:20 - 21:35 Break
    21:35 - 22:35 Session 2